Game Ready/Multi-Material Setup Tool for Maya.

General / 19 August 2019

It's been a while since I last posted something so here we go. While working on the TV series in the UK, I got to learn a bit of python. Since coming back to Barcelona, I've released 3 really simple tools for fun and to keep improving my python scripts.

To everyone coming from 3Ds Max, Maya has a tone of great stuff, but when it comes to setting up and exporting assets for your games, it is not as easy and intuitive as Max. 

Many of my friends and colleagues have been having issues with Maya's scale, freezing transforms, the xForm from Max, setting up multi-material objects, exporting and so on. That's why I decided to create this tool in my free time.  


- Batch Rename: Rename one or multiple objects without having to open the "Outliner" or the "Channel Box".  

- Apply and rename a material to one or multiple objects or faces of an object without having to scroll all the way down to where the material is in the "Attribute Editor", and without having to open the "Hypergraph"

- Color picker: Change the color of your material quick and easy. 

- Combine multiple objects and set their pivot to the lowest point of the object with one click

- Equivalent to the reset xForm from Max in maya. 

- After saving your file, name it and export your FBX with one click:

  • Smoothing Groups and Smooth Mesh one. 
  • No animation, cameras, lights, constraints and connections. 
  • Customize your own Preset to override the default options. 


- Scripts
- Instructions
- Icons


- If you have any feedback on how to improve the tool and want something added, email me at


Download and install the tool here, make sure to watch the demo and installation video: 

In case you just want to check out the code: 

(Warning!, copy pasting the code from the link above into the Script Editor won't work, make sure to download the tool from Gumroad, and follow the instructions in the video)


Here's what the functions do:

def input_UI():

Responsible for creating the UI and how it should behave when the user interacts with it. 

def assign_material(): 

Responsible for assigning a material to one or more objects and to one or more face polygons. This will create a new material, with your custom name.

def set_color(): 

Sets the color that you have selected on the materials of the objects or face polygons that you have selected. 

def setup_object(): 

Rename one object without opening the outliner, or batch rename multiple selected objects. 

def reset_xForm(): 

Freezes transformations using the 'makeIdentity', deletes history and sets the pivot to the bottom of the bounding box of the object. Intended to use only before exporting your model. 

def combine_fun(): 

This will combine any selected objects, it will delete its history, center the pivot and move it to the bottom of the bounding box of the new object while keeping the old name of the first object selected. 

def export_fbx():

Using your '.fbxexportpreset', it will export the fbx to the same path where you have your Maya file saved. If the file is not saved, it will not export the fbx. 

Thanks for reading, I hope someone can find this useful :D