Semi-Stylized Forest Substances - Substance Designer

Making Of / 13 November 2017
For our first uni project we've been asked to create a short advert in Maya. 

This is the idea we came up with:
"An eagle is flying through a dead forest with falling trees, carrying an acorn. As he is flying around trees, he barely dodges a falling tree and drops the acorn. It falls on the ground. We see another animal step on it and it gets buried into the dirt. Then a small plant starts to grow from the acorn in timelapse. The other animal is now running across a stone path in a treeless wasteland as trees and plants grow wherever it goes. It runs up to a cliff edge and stops as camera carries on past them into a landscape nature shot. Logo appears."

I've been in charge of crerating textures, materials, some models and the eagle (from modeling to rigging). We were going for a dark semi stylized environment and here is some wip of it. Our terrain will have a "dirt/mud" material, a "pine needles" material and a "diry rock" material.
Here are some rocks I've made and textured using Maya and Zbrush and Substance Painter.

The acorn:
Some bark textures:
Some more wip for the eagle:
Rigging GIF:

New big project going on !

Making Of / 03 March 2017
Two friends of mine and me have started a new project. After a while thinking about what to do, and how to approach it, we are going to do an underwater environment in UE4, which is completley different to what we've done in the past.
It will be set in Australia, somewhere in the Great Barrier, midday, with vivid colours and a disney-ish semi-realistic style. Set in 2017, in a sunny day” 

Specific place: Cairns

I won't be doing it with everything, but here's a quick breakdown of one of the first models.
C&C are welcome. It's gonna be awesome :D Feedback will definitely help me to improve.