First UE4 Environment

General / 15 May 2017
So many things have happened for the last two months. The project that me and my friends were going to work on, had to be reevaluated. One of my friends found a job, and had another personal project going on, and the one that was going to rigg and animate the animals, dropped the project for personal issues, so I decided to stop making them.
But since I wanted to learn more about Unreal Engine 4, and since it was my first time using it, I decided to model a few more things during the last week, and I used three corals and three rocks that my friend had done before focusing in his personal project, and here's what I ended up with. I would say the whole scene took about 6 or 7 days to make, from models and textures, to materials and scene setup. It looks like an unfinished project (which it is), but I'm pretty happy with what I got with my 3rd year friend guidance, and my work.